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Another new favorite razor – 1960’s Schick Injector Adjustable


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This is probably too much information for some, but whose blog is it?

For about the past two years, I’ve gone back to shaving with a double edge safety razor…the way many of our fathers, and probably most or all of our grandfathers used to shave. I found a lot of reviews and information on the internet, so it’s time that I added the results of my search for the perfect combination of razor and blade.

The first thing that one figures out from the reviews and experiences of others is that every guy’s face and beard are different, and so what works for one, is a terrible shave for another. For example, some guys swear by Derby or Merkur double edge blades, but I found them both to be like rubbing my face with sandpaper.

I’ll cut to the bottom line for now, and save the experimental process of trying different razors and blades for another time.
My current favorite razor is a 1959 Gillette Fatboy double edge safety razor, and the best blade I’ve found for my face is the Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum double edge razor blades in the black box. They’re made in India, and sometimes called “Black Ninjas”. Don’t know where the ninja part comes from…they’re not Japanese.

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