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Facts About Kevin – Fact #1


I’m going to try to be good, and follow up on the requirements as an honored recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks again, Tilting Up!  http://tiltingup.com/

I’ll have to do this over several or many blog posts though…

So as the rules state, I’ll share seven facts about myself, and doing that one blog at a time will give me a chance to consider who I will nominate in turn.  So many great blogs out there!

Ok then, Fact # 1 about Kevin:

I started playing the cello about two years ago.  I took lessons with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra School.  I really need to practice more, and go back for more lessons.  Playing the cello is a lot of fun!  It’s even more fun to play with other musicians, so that’s why I need to get back to orchestra school…

Next time, Fact #2!

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March 21, 2012

So to catch up…

On Monday evening, I went to my cello lesson.  My teacher is very patient…he knows that I’m not purposefully hurting his ears!

Last night, Joe and I went to Tang Soo Do class.  (Another patient teacher!)  He showed us some wrestling things, in addition to a good warm up, and working on our forms and one-steps.  He keeps things interesting by teaching us things from a lot of different martial arts: jiu-jitsu, krav maga, escrima, bo staffs…we did some tai chi last week.

This evening, I practiced cello, and now I’m checking in with you.

Thanks for all the nice comments and likes!

I’m staring at a pile of paper next to the laptop here, trying to forget that I still need to do the stupid taxes.  Blah…

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March 18, 2012

Good sermon and music at chruch this morning.  Check out 100X Church if you’re ever in Huntsville…http://100xchurch.com/

We went to an Indian restaurant for lunch after church.  The buffet was really good!

My son, Joe, and I played frisbee after lunch…fun!

My son, Paul, and I went to a Huntsville Symphony Orchestra chamber music concert this afternoon.  Paul’s bass teacher, and my cello teacher were both playing.  It was fantastic!

I’ll never be able to play like that…oh well, I’m about to go practice anyway.  See you guys tomorrow!

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March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The boys and I raked leaves and cut grass this morning.  I practiced cello for a while earlier (see picture below)…need to do some more.

I also need to order a couple of Tang Soo Do books, that show the forms and one-steps.  I can’t remember things from one class to the next.  That’s the downside of martial arts for the “more seasoned”!

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