Facts About Kevin – Fact #1


I’m going to try to be good, and follow up on the requirements as an honored recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks again, Tilting Up!  http://tiltingup.com/

I’ll have to do this over several or many blog posts though…

So as the rules state, I’ll share seven facts about myself, and doing that one blog at a time will give me a chance to consider who I will nominate in turn.  So many great blogs out there!

Ok then, Fact # 1 about Kevin:

I started playing the cello about two years ago.  I took lessons with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra School.  I really need to practice more, and go back for more lessons.  Playing the cello is a lot of fun!  It’s even more fun to play with other musicians, so that’s why I need to get back to orchestra school…

Next time, Fact #2!

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3 thoughts on “Facts About Kevin – Fact #1

  1. I always wanted to learn to play an instrument, maybe once I get settle, I’ll pick one up – I like the strings!


  2. Cello is my favourite instrument!! I love the cello. I want to learn Cello…but so expensive, so instead, I play bass guitar, tried violin for a few months and piano…Best to you!


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