March 21, 2012

So to catch up…

On Monday evening, I went to my cello lesson.  My teacher is very patient…he knows that I’m not purposefully hurting his ears!

Last night, Joe and I went to Tang Soo Do class.  (Another patient teacher!)  He showed us some wrestling things, in addition to a good warm up, and working on our forms and one-steps.  He keeps things interesting by teaching us things from a lot of different martial arts: jiu-jitsu, krav maga, escrima, bo staffs…we did some tai chi last week.

This evening, I practiced cello, and now I’m checking in with you.

Thanks for all the nice comments and likes!

I’m staring at a pile of paper next to the laptop here, trying to forget that I still need to do the stupid taxes.  Blah…

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